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About Engasur XXI

We are a company with over 25 years of experience deciada to the jewelry industry. Our facilities located in the jewel box Park of Cordoba have the most sophisticated and modern technology of last generation. We are in continuous development and research to be at the forefront of the sector and be able to offer our unique and exclusive products.


Engasur XXI, despite the Nevermind of these times has continued to make a great deal of investment in I+D+I thanks to this effort in I+D+I have managed to develop several unique patents in the field of production and new materials for the manufacture of jewelry. All of them allows us to manufacture a large number of parts at very competitive prices and all with a unique and exclusive product.


In the field of the set we have managed the setting of precious stones in any type of ductile materials (gold, silver, jewelry, etc...) with the shape and size of sheet metal that is desired, resetting any number of stones from 0.80 to 2.50 m/m, either rail, chaton, rennet from grains, etc., to a thickness of sheet metal that varies between "hundredths 0.08 and 0.15". This system reduces the weight of the piece, which allows us to situate ourselves in the market with a quality and an unbeatable price.


In the field of new materials we have created a new metal, Aurgenta, which is the union of sterling silver with a very fine layer of gold, United in a perfect blade that allows us to work on it as if it were a single material. This can make parts with the aesthetic finish and completion of 18 k gold, and with the strength and lower cost that provides you with your silver interior. In addition to this we get two color finishes and textures unique and impossible to create without this material. Aurgenta is not a bathroom or a veneer, so it never does not disappear gold with the passage of time. would you like to know more about aurgenta?